Matildas Call Out FIFA On Prizemoney Gender Gap Ahead Of World Cup

Just days out from the Women’s World Cup, the Matildas have called out FIFA’s prizemoney gender gap in a video statement.

The video delivered by the 23-member squad, from the Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) union, highlighted what women’s football has achieved so far, but all the work that is still to come.

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The Matildas explain their collective bargain agreement (CBA) ensures they receive the same minimum percentage of prize money from tournaments as the Socceroos, but there is “one exception”.

The squad highlighted they are in a position of having a CBA, unlike many other competing nations including England, Canada, and Nigeria.

“Seven hundred and thirty-six footballers have the honour of representing their countries on the biggest stage this tournament, yet many are still denied the basic right to organise and collectively bargain,” the players said.

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“Collective bargaining has allowed us to ensure we now get the same conditions as the Socceroos, with one exception.

“Fifa will still only offer women one quarter as much prize money as men for the same achievement.”

As it stands, the women’s prize pool is US$110m, in comparison to the men’s US$440m.

The Matildas also pushed for their “sisters” in the A-Leagues to be recognised as full-time athletes so they no longer had to work part-time jobs like many of the current Matildas.

The PFA are currently in negotiations with Football Australia on a new collective bargaining agreement, with the current set to expire at the conclusion of the World Cup.

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