Last Of Sydney Blaze Extinguished With Walls At Risk Of Collapse

Fire crews are continuing to work to extinguish a massive fire in Sydney’s CBD that destroyed two buildings overnight. 

Emergency services are concerned that “tonnes and tonnes” of bricks are at risk of collapsing as fire fighters work to extinguish the last of the blaze in Surry Hills. 

Investigations into how the blaze started are still on hold with walls still at risk of collapsing. 

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Fire and rescue NSW Superintendent Adam Dewberry on Friday morning said the blaze has mostly been extinguished but the walls of the building are still at a high risk of collapsing. 

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“We are talking about tonnes and tonnes of bricks that could come down and become projectiles,” he said in an interview with Today. 

“That is why we have such a tight exclusion zone, not allowing anyone in, including firefighters, until we get the engineers in.”

The last of the flames are believed to have been extinguished at around 2AM this morning. 

A large area has been cordoned off along Elizabeth, Randle and Chalmers Street in Sydney’s CBD. 

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