Joe Biden’s First Year In The White House – How It All Went Wrong

It’s been 1 year since Joe Biden was sworn in as the new President of the United States…So, is he living up to America’s expectations?

Damien Cave, the New York Times’ Australian correspondent says polling does not look good for Biden. 

A lot of people who were really excited when he came in after Trump, anticipated that the honeymoon period would last a lot longer than it has frankly. The polling (for Biden) is pretty mediocre, frankly and Trump kind of muddled along and Biden is also kind of muddling along at this point as well, Cave said.

Some may argue Biden bit off more than he could chew when he made big promises on climate change, racial justice and Covid during his presidential campaign. Cave says America did not expect Biden to totally transform the country in respect to climate change, but there is “this kind of in-cooperate anger and frustration” over the way Covid is being handled and the worsening rise in inflation.

Listen to the audio to hear about what it will take for Biden to turn things around and whether he should worry about Donald Trump at this years’ Midterms.