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ICAC Inspector To Investigate Delays In Berejiklian Probe 

The ICAC inspector will examine the reasons behind the corruption watchdog’s prolonged investigation into former New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian and determine if it constituted maladministration.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) inspector, Gail Furness SC, disclosed the scope of the probe on Monday.

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The ICAC first began its investigation on Ms Berejiklian in September 2021 but only handed down its corruption finding against her in June 2023.  

Although Ms Berejiklian was found to have engaged in “serious corrupt conduct”, the ICAC did not advise the Director of Public Prosecutions to pursue charges against her. 

In a statement, Furness said she would investigate whether the delays by the ICAC amounted to “maladministration” and the presence of the media at the furnishing of the report.

However, there was yet to be a confirmed date for finalising the report. 

“The Inspector intends to make a special report to Parliament at the conclusion of her investigation, which she will recommend be made public,” a spokesperson said.

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Former state treasurer Matt Kean had written to Furness in June to request the investigation after complaining about the former premier’s treatment last month. 

Mr Kean suggested Ms Furness investigate the body over the prolonged nature of the probe and the decision to allow media to be in the room when the report was finalised.

“Many in my community shared my belief that the corruption watchdog had turned the investigation into the former premier and the release of their findings into an undignified circus,” he said. 

“Now we’ll find out if they’ve also crossed a legal line.

“This investigation will make clear if the Icac has engaged in serious maladministration, inappropriate activity and serious impropriety, but the damage to Gladys has already been done.”

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