How Much Money You’ll Get Back Under Albo’s Tax Cuts

The Albanese government’s tax plan will see taxpayers who are Australian women, on average, receive a tax cut of $1,649 from July 1st this year.

Childcare workers, disability carers and aged care workers are some of the most likely to benefit.

Minister for Women Katy Gallagher told The Briefing how the tax cuts will work and what they mean for you.

“Under the former arrangements under the Morrison plan, the vast majority of the tax cuts went to men. That’s really because they were targeted at high-income earners,” Gallagher said.

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The proposed cut is aimed to provide cost of living relief and will mean if any women want to pick up an extra shift or an extra day of work, they keep a larger portion of what they earn.

“This arrangement that we’ve put in place means everyone still gets a tax cut, but it’s more evenly shared.”

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