How Can We Keep Children Cyber Safe? QLD Police Veteran Shares

Protecting children online is just as important as protecting them in the physical world, according to former Queensland detective Brett Lee.

Lee spent 16 years tackling child exploitation, and drawing on that experience, founded Internet Safe Education.

“We’re very passionate as parents when it comes to protecting our kids in the physical world, because we know the dangers,” Lee said, “It’s about understanding that our role is as important as it relates to our kids and technology.”

Brett Lee shared how he convicted online predators and what it taught him about cyber safety on Crime Insiders:

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Internet Safe Education shares cyber safety tips for parents and teachers, including watching for rapid mood changes, out-of-the-ordinary secrecy, and ensuring social media profile settings are on private.

It is also suggested to ask what they are doing online and to remind them that they can never be certain who they are actually speaking to online.

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