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Grandmother Of Teen Killed In Police Stop Calls for End to Violence

As French authorities prepare for a sixth night of rioting, the grandmother of the 17-year-old boy whom a police officer fatally shot in a Paris suburb calls for an end to the violence.

Nahel Merzouk’s grandmother appealed to protesters on Sunday, telling BFMTV, “They should not damage the schools, not break the buses, it was the mums who took the buses.”

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According to BFMTV, the grandmother was identified as Nadia, said: “I’ve tried”, and Nachel’s mother “doesn’t have a life anymore”. 

The situation in France had been relatively less tense on Sunday than Saturday, with occasional protests being reported. However, CNN producers in France caution that the violence typically escalates after sunset.

Violent riots have erupted across France since 27 June, and it has caused extensive damage to property such as vehicles, police stations and schools. 

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Confrontations between demonstrators and law enforcement had escalated, leading to the deployment of tear gas and numerous arrests. 

Australian tourists have been urged to “exercise a high degree of caution” in France due to the violent riots.

SmartTravellers said, “Be particularly vigilant at night and avoid all demonstrations and areas with significant police activity.”

“Curfews have been introduced in some cities. Public transport may be restricted or cancelled. The situation may change at short notice. Monitor the media and official sources for updates.”

According to a statement issued by the Élysée Palace, French President Emmanuel Macron will meet the country’s prime minister, interior minister and justice minister at 7pm local time for an update on the latest protests.

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