France on High Alert Against Virus-Carrying Mosquitoes Ahead Of Paris Olympics

France is on high alert as it races to combat the threat  posed by virus-carrying tiger mosquitoes ahead of the Paris Olympics. 

With millions of visitors expected to visit Paris for the summer Games, authorities are scrambling to ensure the safety of athletes and spectators.

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The Asian tiger mosquito, known for transmitting diseases like dengue and Zika, has spread across northern Europe, including France, over the past two decades. 

Experts said climate change facilitated its spread, with promises to get rid of the insects by fumigating parts of Paris.

Didier Fontnille, expert in entomology and vector-borne diseases, said: “When you are sick with dengue, you won’t be jumping over any hurdles.”

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“The host cities and especially the Olympic Village must be kept mosquito-free,” he added.

In addition to community efforts, measures such as repellents and mosquito traps are being used to combat the spread of the insects.

Specialist firms are deploying innovative technologies to tackle the issue, including traps that lure and eliminate mosquitoes using simulated human odours.

Qista, another French specialist firm, said it had put up 13,000 anti-insect installations in 26 countries over the past decade

Meanwhile, researchers are also working on DNA modification and sterilisation to decrease the mosquito population. 

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