Federal Government Silent On Exemption From Ankle Monitors For Three Released From Immigration Detention

The Australian government has chosen to not disclose the reason why three individuals among the 141 released from immigration detention were exempted from wearing ankle monitoring bracelets 

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The decision to release non-citizens, some with convictions for serious offences such as murder, child rape, and drug trafficking, follows the implementation of new rules that mandate electronic monitoring and night-time curfews for this cohort.

According to Australian Border Force Commissioner Michael Outram, the government passed legislation requiring ankle bracelets for the 138 individuals released. 

However, six of them are yet to have their monitoring devices fitted. 

Mr Outram said that four of these cases have been referred to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) for investigation due to non-compliance, though he described the individuals as being of “lower end of risk to the community”.

According to the Migration Amendment (Bridging Visa Conditions) Act 2023, monitoring bracelets must be worn “unless the Minister is satisfied that the holder does not pose a risk to the community”.

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The Act also outlines situations where an electronic monitoring device may not be fitted, including if the person is in police custody, in the hospital, or has a disability hindering their movement.

Out of the six individuals yet to have their bracelets fitted, Mr Outram confirmed that four had been referred to the AFP for investigation, with three being contacted, and the whereabouts of the fourth unknown to law enforcement. 

The remaining two cases, described as complex and involving health issues, are currently under examination.

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