Australia House

Early Voting For Indigenous Voice Referendum Begins In London

Australians are queuing outside Australia House in London for early voting in the Australian Indigenous Voice referendum.

As the largest polling centre in London, the place is set to see 13,000 people casting their ballots in person over the next 10 days.

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According to The Australian, out of 16 people willing to reveal their votes, four indicated they were leaning towards a “No” vote, and 12 were voting “Yes”.

Most people lining up at the polling place for the first day of pre-poll voting were visitors to the United Kingdom.

Tourist Lia Checketts was at the front of the queue, eager to vote before catching her flight. She said she “had to be first in line to get through” before heading to the airport.

Michelle Smith, currently on holiday in Europe, wanted to vote in person in London to ensure her vote counted. She expressed her desire to vote ‘yes’ to support equality for Indigenous Australians.

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The Yes campaign has gained significant exposure in London, with activists promoting the cause at Ashes cricket matches and hosting events with prominent figures like former Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

There were fewer supporters for “No” votes, and John Pilkington was one of them. 

He brought a hand-written no sign, sparking a heated exchange between some waiting in line. 

Another voter chose “NO” due to concerns about the division he believes a successful referendum would cause.

Jenny from Victoria told The Australian that “it was absolutely unfair” to elevate one group of Australians above others in the constitution. 

The referendum has garnered significant attention among Australian expatriates in London.

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