Could New Laws Keep A Snowtown Murders Accomplice In Jail?

An accomplice of the Snowtown Murders could soon walk free, with the South Australian Government seeking legal advice on whether new laws could keep him in jail.

Mark Ray Haydon was not convicted for murder, but for helping to cover up seven of the killings in one of Australia’s most notorious crime cases.

In 1999, Forensic Pathologist Roger Byard was called to the scene where a set of barrels had been found in a bank vault, and his job was to investigate what was inside them.

Hear the case unpacked in this episode of Crime Insiders: Forensics.

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Haydon is due to complete his 25-year sentence in May, but could be set for early release as the parole board meets next week.

A bid for parole was first lodged in 2021, and if approved, could see Haydon released within weeks.

Now the SA Government is looking into new laws that could criminalise concealing or interfering with human remains, and whether these could extend Haydon’s sentence.

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