Coles Denies Transition To “Card Only” Transactions After Leaked Memo

Coles has denied the “card only” transactions after a leaked memo unveiling the supermarket giant’s preparations for potential cash shortages. 

The memo, titled “cash process update,” was circulated among Coles staff, raising concerns about the stability of cash distribution services, particularly amidst fears of a collapse of the nation’s primary cash distribution company, Armaguard.

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The memo, which has since spread around social media platforms, outlined contingency plans for Coles supermarkets and liquor stores, including Liquorland, Vintage Cellars, and First Choice outlets nationwide. 

It highlighted the possibility of registers facing shortages of change, potentially necessitating a move towards exclusively accepting card payments.

The memo also revealed that all cash collections from Armaguard between Wednesday and April 5 would be paused.

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However, a spokesperson for Coles clarified that the measures were being taken in response to industry-wide challenges with cash movements.

“We are not transitioning to cashless transactions,” the spokesperson said.

“Due to industry wide challenges with cash movements, we are taking some temporary steps to prepare for disruption to Armaguard services,

“Cash transactions continue to be available in all Coles supermarkets and Coles Liquor stores.”

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