Can We Talk About Vaccine Injury Now? 

It’s been one year since Sydney artist Scott Marsh caused a storm on social media after posting controversial vaccine comments.  

On today’s The Briefing episode, we spoke to Scott Marsh about his experience of having pericarditis after getting the Covid vaccine. 

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It went through different phases. I couldn’t stand up for more than five minutes, I couldn’t walk for more than 100 metres without feeling like I was struck by lightning,”

March described his experience of having pericarditis.

When Marsh shared his experience and stance against the vaccine on Twitter last year, he coped major backlash including a highly critical article from the popular news outlet, Pedestrian. 

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However, he soon realised that he was not alone. After meeting another person who also suffered from a vaccine injury, he was added to a group chat with one thousand people who experienced different degrees of vaccine injury. 

We also interviewed an infectious diseases expert Paul Griffin for the facts on vaccine injury. 

It was quite rare, and the thing people need to understand around these discussions is that we actually gave a really large number of vaccines. So, we administered more than 65 million doses of Covid vaccine in our country now,”

Griffin explained. 

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