Bus Crash Company Receives Defect Notices Following Police Raid

The Hunter Valley bus company allegedly involved in the recent bus crash has been issued with defect notices following a police raid. 

The transport company has been issued with infringement and defect notices following police raids on two depots. 

The bus, which was full of 35 wedding guests, rolled over while entering a round about in Hunter Valley on Sunday evening, killing 10 people. 

Nine others still remain in hospital. 

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Police and National Heavy Vehicle Regulator inspectors raided 20 buses at Linq Busline depots across NSW.

The company were issued seven defect and two infringement notices after inspectors discovered a cracked windscreen, faulty seatbelts, oil leaks, inoperative vehicle lights and vulnerable seating. 

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In accordance with the defect notices, the vehicles will only be authorised for operation after the faults are rectified. 

According to a police statement, documentation and driver competence was also assessed. 

“The joint operation involved a comprehensive audit of documentation relating to fatigue, driver management, vehicle servicing and maintenance records and safety management systems,” police said. 

Linq addressed the issues in their own statement explaining that one of the “major” defects had been “rectified”. 

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