Blackouts Forecasted For This Summer As El Nino Returns

Victoria and South Australia are being warned of increased risks of blackouts this summer, according to the electricity grid operator.

The return of an El Nino weather pattern will bring a hot, dry summer with lower wind output, with predictions wholesale prices will rise and flow onto homes and businesses.

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The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) report revealed Victoria is in the most dire position, with its outlook drastically falling in the last six months.

January 2024 is the most at risk for blackouts, but problems could commence as early as November this year.

It warned supply reliability would be more affected later this decade, with the closure of Yallourn power station in 2027-28.

The energy watchdog blamed this year’s prediction on a failure to replace ageing coal plants with clean power and a shortage in coal and gas supplies.

AEMO chief Daniel Westerman told the Herald Sun the electricity situation must be urgently addressed.

“Quite simply, Australia’s energy transition is happening at pace,” he said.

“Our coal fired power stations are closing down at the same time as demand for electricity is increasing and without urgent and ongoing investment in new sources of electricity, and the transmission that we need to connect it to consumers – there are significant risks to reliability.”

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