The Bali Sex Ban: What It Means For Visitors, Locals and the Tourism Industry

On today’s Briefing we discuss how Indonesia’s decision to criminalise sex outside of marriage, will impact locals, holidaymakers, and the country’s tourism industry.

The new laws, passed last week, could see a person face up to a year in prison if they are caught having sex outside of wedlock. Amid growing concerns among tourists, Indonesian officials attempted to play down the new laws, stating that they would exempt from the laws.

To understand how the laws will operate we spoke to Tito Ambyo, an Indonesian-Australian journalist and lecturer with RMIT University and travel writer Jenny Hewett who lives between Sydney and Bali.

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“Indonesians have been living under this fear of government regulating morality for a while. Very recently there were people who were reported to the police because they were living together even though they weren’t married…”

Tito Ambyo

On today’s Briefing we uncover why the new “Bali bonk ban” itself may not even be the most worrying part of the story.

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