Apps That Strip You Naked Are Here, How Can We Stop Them?

Artificial intelligence is seeping its way into the porn industry, and now victims find themselves powerless to combat AI porn generators.

Sites Clothoff and Dessi make fake porn images using pictures supplied by users across the world. Sites like these are often hosted by servers in far-off countries.

Professor Nicola Henry unpacks who is behind the sites and what can be done about them on The Briefing podcast:

Social and Global Studies Professor Nicola Henry from RMIT University told The Briefing these sites are on the rise.

“You really had to be a tech wiz to be able to create convincing sexualised fake images of another person. But now anyone can do it,” Henry said.

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“You’ve got people who are doing it for malicious purposes. Who are doing it to shame and degrade the person who’s depicted in the image. And then you’ve got people who are just doing it because of sexual gratification motivations or to make money,” she said.

Henry said if you’ve discovered that someone has created deep fake content of you without your consent, you’re not alone.

“Unfortunately, this is happening to a lot of people,” she said.

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