Lisa Veronica Crying

What Did Jessie Veronica Say To Bring Lisa To Tears?

By Cameron Adams

THE Veronicas are temporarily flying solo to release individual singles for the first time in their 20 year career.

New Music with Linda Marigliano spoke to both sisters about the new tracks, including getting Jessie to share her thoughts on Lisa’s single Cruisin'(On My Own).

Jessie praised Lisa’s raspy vocals, her melodies and her bluesy, soulful feel.

“Her phrasing and the tone of her voice just blew me away. I have raw takes of her in the studio, no music even behind her, and her voice is just so powerful.”

Lisa, who hadn’t heard the message, was emotionally moved by her sister’s words, especially in a week where the narrative was the twins could be about to split.

Watch her reaction:

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“Naturally we’re each others’ biggest fans,” Lisa said. “Obviously with twins, people like to pit us against each other. They have our entire lives, it’s nothing new to us. But that healthy natural competition inspires us even more. We have completely different musical tastes when we’re not in Veronicas mode. This could never be a competition it’s just an expression of who we are.”

Jessie said her track Seeing Stars was deeply personal.

“I was able to lean into more of my queerness,” Jessie said. 

Have a listen:

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