The Boys Share Their Experience With A Swedish Shaman In The Latest Peking Duk Podcast Episode

“If there was any time to swing that way, it would be with a shaman.”

More sensual than spiritual, the Peking Duk boys Adam and Rueben reminisce about their encounter with a horny shaman whilst on tour in Sweden in their latest episode of the Peking Duk Podcast.

Joined by Ben from SAFIA, who retells his fascinating experience journeying into the Amazon jungle to go to an Ayahuasca retreat, Rueben recalls their own interaction with a shaman.

“Remember that shaman we met in Sweden?” asks Rueben to his co-host.

“He was epic. I think he wanted to sleep with Adam too.”

“It’s funny because we’ve never spoken about that,” Adam admits.

Catch the chat:

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