The Beatles. Image from the 'Get Back' documentary on Disney +. (L-R: Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, John Lennon)

Paul McCartney Opens Up About His Favorite Moment In The Get Back Documentary

The Beatles’ “Get Back” documentary, directed by Peter Jackson, has taken the world by storm. With its generous runtime of nearly 480 minutes, fans were provided with an in-depth look into the legendary band’s creative process. Sir Paul McCartney recently opened up about his favorite part of the documentary.


A Comprehensive Look at The Beatles’ Creative Journey

One of the key aspects of “Get Back” is its detailed portrayal of the Fab Four’s rehearsals and songwriting sessions. These were captured during the preparation of the songs that eventually formed the “Let It Be” album.

A Contrast to the Original 1970 Documentary

However, the original “Let It Be” documentary, released in 1970, primarily focused on the friction within the band. It highlighted the tension, overshadowing the friendship and camaraderie that the Beatles shared.

Peter Jackson’s Fresh Perspective

In contrast, Peter Jackson’s extended version presents a broader view. It emphasizes not only the Beatles’ creativity but also showcases how they had their partners join them during the process. This inclusion went beyond Yoko Ono’s presence with John Lennon, highlighting an often-overlooked aspect of the band’s life.

Paul McCartney’s Personal Connection

Paul McCartney’s appreciation for “Get Back” stems from the documentary’s accurate representation of events during that period.

“That was really the most special thing about it for me personally. Because when you get those bad narratives, it’s every easy to feed into it, to buy into it yourself.”

Paul McCartney

Want to Hear More from Sir Paul?

For those interested in hearing more about Sir Paul’s take on “Get Back,” be sure to listen to Behind the Music, hosted by Dave Gleeson.

Catch Paul McCartney Live in Australia

Lastly, fans in Australia will be excited to know that Paul McCartney’s Get Back Australian tour will be playing shows in Adelaide, Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast in October and November. Tickets are available at

Paul McCartney 'Got Back' Australian Tour Artwork.


The Beatles’ “Get Back” documentary has provided fans with an unparalleled insight into the iconic band’s creativity and relationships. Sir Paul McCartney’s glowing endorsement adds to the documentary’s appeal, and his upcoming Australian tour brings additional excitement for fans Down Under.

If you’re a Beatles fan or interested in the history of modern music, “Get Back” is a must-watch, capturing a unique moment in musical history and offering an authentic look at the creative genius that changed the world.

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