Ian Moss Covers Taylor Swift's 'Style' For Triple M

Ian Moss Covers Taylor Swift’s ‘Style’ For Triple M

In anticipation of Taylor Swift’s upcoming tour in Australia, Triple M is thrilled to unveil a unique collaboration that brings together the iconic sounds of Australian rock with the chart-topping hits of Taylor Swift. As part of our Triple M’s Versions series, we are proud to showcase Ian Moss’s rendition of Swift’s ‘Style’, alongside an impressive lineup of never-before-heard covers by renowned artists such as Paul Kelly, The Screaming Jets, Diesel, Sarah McLeod, Birds of Tokyo, British India and Joe Camilleri.

Swift Fever Down Under

With Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated arrival for The Eras Tour, Swift fever has undoubtedly swept across Australia. Even our Aussie rockers have caught the fever, showcasing their admiration for Swift’s songwriting prowess through their own interpretations of her music.

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Bridging Musical Worlds

At Triple M, we’ve never been known to play Taylor Swift, but her global influence cannot be ignored. The collaboration between Australian rock legends and Swift’s iconic tunes is a testament to the universal appeal of her music. Through Triple M’s Versions, we aim to bridge the gap between the biggest pop star on the planet and the beloved rock legends that have shaped the Australian music scene for decades.

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