Rob Thomas Explains the Obstacles That Nearly Prevented Matchbox Twenty’s New Album

American rock band Matchbox Twenty announced their reunion with a highly anticipated new album, “Where the Light Goes,” and an upcoming Australian tour in 2024. However, the road to this exciting development was filled with uncertainties, challenges, and a near-abandonment of the band’s album-making journey.

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The Silence After Success

Following the massive success of their fourth album, “North,” which reached the top spot on charts in both Australia and the US in 2012, Matchbox Twenty seemingly disappeared from the music scene. Despite the acclaim and fan support, the band chose to remain silent, leaving their dedicated fan base longing for new music.

Rob Thomas’s Solo Ventures

During the band’s hiatus, frontman Rob Thomas embarked on a successful solo career, releasing three albums and embarking on accompanying tours. While Thomas’s solo projects garnered positive reception, they created uncertainty surrounding the future of Matchbox Twenty. As the band’s members pursued individual musical endeavors, the likelihood of reuniting for a new album seemed increasingly improbable.

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Unforeseen Challenges and Doubts

Despite touring the US in 2017, Matchbox Twenty repeatedly expressed reservations about releasing a full album. Instead, they hinted at the possibility of releasing singles or an EP. The challenges of coordinating a band that had spent time apart, coupled with doubts about their collective musical direction, posed significant obstacles to their reunion and the creation of a cohesive full-length album.

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A New Dawn: The Highly Anticipated “Where the Light Goes”

To the sheer delight of fans worldwide, Matchbox Twenty defied their own expectations by releasing their highly anticipated fifth studio album, “Where the Light Goes.” This monumental release represents a pivotal turning point in the band’s narrative, as they overcame doubts, challenges, and personal pursuits to create an entirely new collection of music. With “Where the Light Goes,” Matchbox Twenty showcases their enduring talent and the strength of their musical bond.

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A Message from Rob Thomas

Reflecting on the album release, Rob Thomas openly shared his initial skepticism regarding the band’s ability to create another full album. He revealed,

We thought we weren’t going to make any more albums. We really didn’t think that a full album was on the cards for us.”

Rob Thomas, Tells Behind The Hits

Thomas’s candid admission underscores the surprising nature of their decision and the emotional journey the band experienced to bring their music back to their dedicated fan base.

Listen below to hear Rob Thomas share what he thinks is different about Matchbox Twenty after an 11 year Hiatus:

To hear the full story, plus a preview of their Australian tour, listen to Behind the Hits: Matchbox Twenty below:

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