+LIVE+ and INCUBUS Unite for LOOKOUT Festival

The Return of the Titans: +LIVE+ and INCUBUS Co-headline LOOKOUT Festival

We’re thrilled to announce, two titans of the rock genre, +LIVE+ and INCUBUS, are making their grand return to the Australian stages. Fans in Wollongong, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide should brace themselves, as these global superstars are gearing up to unleash a series of monumental shows. Moreover, this dynamic duo is also set to headline the debut of the much-anticipated LOOKOUT Festival. Joined by other stellar bands like Birds of Tokyo, Eskimo Joe, and The Superjesus, the event promises to be a sonic extravaganza, sweeping through various iconic locations including Bribie Island, Southport, Mornington, and Perth.


LOOKOUT Festival: The Nexus of Legendary Rock and Fresh Talents

Imagine a captivating space where the time-honoured tunes of rock resonate seamlessly alongside the fresh, vibrant beats of the industry’s newcomers. LOOKOUT Festival embodies this visionary musical blend, offering fans not just a concert but an engaging, immersive experience where they can truly feel the music. Situated in Australia’s picturesque outdoor locales, the festival paves the way for a unison of international and Australian rock, crafting an unparalleled live music saga.

A Brief Retrospective: Celebrating +LIVE+’s Storied Journey

Recognized as a global concert powerhouse, +LIVE+ arrives at the festival with a rich legacy of rock anthems that have stood the test of time. With a notable record of over 22 million albums sold globally, they have graced the music scene with number one albums such as “Throwing Copper” and “Secret Samadhi”. Featuring timeless tracks like “Lightning Crashes” and “I Alone”, their discography is a living testament to their lasting impact on the rock genre.

Furthermore, as they step onto Australian soil once again, Ed Kowalczyk expresses his bubbling enthusiasm, stating,

“It has been way too long, and I couldn’t be happier that LIVE is finally returning to Australia for the first time in 5 years! The band and the show is so good and so strong and the fans who have seen it so far have been extremely happy! So, it was most definitely time to come and share it with our mates down under. And the icing on the cake is going to be sharing the stage with Incubus for the first time. I have always been a fan of their deep vibes, intellectual lyrics, and ground-breaking musical style. I think the pairing of our two bands is perfect in so many ways and I’m sure it will be a night to remember for all of the fans. See ya soon!”

Ed Kowalczy, +LIVE+

Evidently, their performance alongside INCUBUS marks a historic collaboration, promising fans a night filled with deep vibes and ground-breaking musical styles.

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INCUBUS: Elevating Alternative Music to New Heights

Since their inception in 1991, INCUBUS has consistently pushed the boundaries of alternative music. The Grammy-nominated band boasts an impressive track record, with sales surpassing 23 million albums worldwide. Their journey is marked with platinum certifications and a series of chart-topping hits, establishing them as a true phenomenon in the music streaming space.

Additionally, with an average of 4.1 million monthly listeners on Spotify and over a billion streams across all platforms, INCUBUS stands as a beacon of the transformative power of rock music. As they co-headline the LOOKOUT Festival, fans can anticipate a transcendental experience, where intellectual lyrics meet innovative musical styles.

TICKETS & MORE INFO | Tickets on sale Thursday 21st September at 2pm local

Join the Revolution: LOOKOUT Festival Awaits

Get ready to witness a groundbreaking festival where legends and rising stars converge to create a soundscape that reverberates with the very essence of rock. As +LIVE+ and INCUBUS gear up to headline the LOOKOUT Festival, fans across Australia prepare for an unforgettable day of music, camaraderie, and rocking out with mates in some of the country’s most breathtaking outdoor settings. In conclusion, this is more than just a festival; it’s a celebration of rock music’s indomitable spirit. So, gear up and be part of this historic event; LOOKOUT Festival awaits to sweep you off your feet with waves of roaring live music!

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