Lipreader Reveals What Taylor Swift Whispered To Blake Lively About Rumoured New Man Travis Kelce

It’s safe to say that celebrities can’t hide anything from us these days – so if Taylor Swift thinks she can make a private little aside about her hot new beau to girlfriend Blake Lively, she is sorely mistaken!

In recent weeks, Tay Tay has achieved another the massive accomplishment of actually getting us interested in American football. She’s been seeing Kansas City Chiefs superstar Travis Kelce and has been living her best life, cheering on her man in his players box at his footy games. Proving that things between the pair are getting serious, first she was spotted hanging out there with his mum and then this week she rocked up to the Chiefs versus Jets game with pretty much the whole A-List, including Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Sabrina Carpenter, Sophie Turner and Hugh Jackman.

So Taylor!

In between drinking what we guess were cosmos and cheering the Chiefs to a solid win, Taylor was spotted sidling up to good friend Blake Lively and whispering something while watching Travis… well do something ‘football’ on the field. Time to drag the lipreaders out again to fill us in!

They confirmed that Taylor told Blake “look at him” and imitated the cute way that Travis celebrates on the field with teammates – while actually making contact with another friend’s head with her play punch! Swifties worldwide are eagerly awaiting new music from Taylor to get more thoughts on the relationship, even though she’s always refused to clarify exactly who the subjects of her lyrics are.

She told our Behind The Hits podcast “one of the things about writing music and the only way I can actually be vulnerable with this many people is to never name names. I want these songs to go out into the world and become whatever my fans want them to be. I want them to picture their ex-boyfriend, not mine”.

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