Linda Marigliano’s Must-See Acts At Splendour In The Grass

Linda Marigliano, host of New Music on LiSTNR, has scoured the Splendour in the Grass line-up and has picked out her highlights for those Byron bound this weekend.

Right so on Friday, have some fun dancing early with Baker Boy, catch a little bit of the bombastic UK’er Yungblud, and that Parkland stage looks great if you love your up and coming, raucous cool indie pop sounds – Flower Kid, MAY-A and Renforshort. Then you’ll be grooving with the silky Joy Crookes, you’ve got my new best friends Wet Leg and Still Woozy – you could essentially bop your whole day right there on that stage.

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If you want the big hitters you pop over and dance to Jungle and DMAs and Gorillaz over at the Amphitheatre. And in case you missed the sad news, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have pulled out of Splendour due to health issues, but luckily the Avalanches are jetting back from their international touring to step up and bring us their super-energetic electro live set. That is going to be divine.

There are also some real highlights on Saturday and Sunday, take a listen:

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