Jimmy Barnes at 16 next to an Aerial shot of the Sunbury Festival

Jimmy Barnes’ UNHINGED Drug Story From His Teen Years

Brian Nankervis from RocKwiz joins Matty O on Triple M Homegrown with the 15th season, and 18th year of production of the iconic Aussie music trivia show underway.

We listen to a WILD story from Jimmy Barnes from episode one of the new series of RocKwiz, where he details his experience attending the iconic ‘Sunbury Festival’ at the age of 14.

Listen to Jimmy Barnes’ UNHINGED Drug Story From His Teen Years Below:

RocKwiz is now airing on Foxtel on demand.

The Sunbury Festival was held in 1972 and is still remembered as one of the most iconic moments in Australian music history. The festival was organised by a group of local entrepreneurs and was attended by thousands of music enthusiasts, including a 14 year old Jimmy Barnes.

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The festival site, was located in a picturesque countryside area, and was carefully selected to provide a peaceful and serene environment for the attendees.

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Sunbury Festival was an incredible event that brought together music lovers from all over Australia and beyond.

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Catch The Full Interview With Brian Nankervis Below:

RocKwiz is a music trivia game show that has been popular for many years. The show boasts a unique format that makes it stand out from other trivia shows. Instead of simply asking contestants questions, RocKwiz takes it up a notch and features live performances by superstar musicians, interspersed with questions about music history and pop culture.

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