INXS Reveals If They Regret Their Reality TV Show

It was the reality show that divided INXS fans...

Rockstar INXS, launched in 2005, saw the band turn to reality TV to find their new singer.

Broadcasting live from LA, where fans around the world could vote. The band say they’re still proud of the experiment.

While winner JD Fortune wound up fronting INXS for several years, he was never a guaranteed victor and Kirk Pengilly has this surprising revelation about what he thought of JD below

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Behind the Hits – Michael Hutchence: INXS explores the birth of INXS, the tragic death of Michael Hutchence and how the superstar band carried on without their superstar, despite public criticism. Hear it on LiSTNR or wherever you get your podcasts.

Have a listen to the full podcast below:

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