AC/DC group portrait, London, 8th April 1976. L-R Malcolm Young, Bon Scott, Angus Young, Phil Rudd, Mark Evans.

How AC/DC Heard About Bon Scott’s Death

AC/DC’s Back in Black is one of the highest selling rock albums of all time.

It was released just five months after the death of Bon Scott, who would be replaced by vocalist Brian Johnson – who joined AC/DC on this day (April 1) in 1980.

The band had just started rehearsals for the album in London when Bon died.

In 1980, long before the internet and mobile phones, Angus Young recalled he had started to receive a number of phone calls from worried friends of Bon.

“It was disbelief at first,” Angus says on podcast These Days.

“I had heard from a girlfriend of his who had called me, she seemed in panic. Then another girlfriend of his had called, she was at a loss, she had been looking for him, trying to track him down. I got a hold of the guy who was managing us at the time, he thought it had just been a rumour, he was trying to get information. He called me back and said ‘It looks like it is him’ and from that point I was in shock.”

Angus Young, AC/DC

There’s so much more to this story, hear it all below – like how the band really found Brian Johnson:

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