James Reyne and Ella Hooper on stage at Enmore Theatre on the Way Out West Tour. Images: Chris Neave/SCA Edit: Kalun Townsend/SCA

GIG REVIEW: James Reyne Lights Up Enmore Theatre With Ella Hooper

The popular saying highlights only two certainties in life: death and taxes. However, if we were to add one more to this list, it would undeniably be the magnetic pull of James Reyne’s performances. A guarantee that every show will be a momentous occasion for his legion of loyal fans. His recent gig at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre wasn’t just another testament to this but a living embodiment of the Reyne magic.


The Star-studded Way Out West Tour

Backed by the incredibly gifted Ella Hooper, renowned for her affiliation with Killing Heidi, James Reyne’s Way Out West Tour has been gracing various venues around the nation. And what’s fascinating? The vast repertoire of songs that James brings to the table. From the era when he took the center stage with Australian Crawl to his flourishing solo journey, every note seems to hit the right chord.

Ella Hooper on stage at Enmore Theatre with James Reyne on the 'Way Out West' tour. 06/08/23
Photo: Chris Neave/SCA
Edit: Kalun Townsend/SCA

The Charm of Old Classics with a New Twist

In addition to belting out timeless hits, James introduced fresh renditions of old classics. One that stood out and resonated with not just me, but the collective pulse of the audience, was ‘The Boys Light Up’. Furthermore, the duet of James with Ella Hooper for “Way Out West” was nothing short of spectacular. As the night progressed, there was a seamless blend of Australian Crawl chartbusters like ‘Errol’ and ‘Oh No Not You Again’, interspersed with Reyne’s solo masterpieces such as ‘Fall Of Rome’ and ‘Motor’s Too Fast’. By the end, one thing was abundantly clear: the influence and prevalence of Reyne’s tracks, still favourites on MMM stations countrywide.

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James Reyne on stage at Enmore Theatre on the 'Way Out West' tour. 06/08/23
Photo: Chris Neave/SCA
Edit: Kalun Townsend/SCA

A Warm Recommendation for Fans New and Old

For those who haven’t witnessed the marvel of James Reyne lately, now’s your chance. Scan through the remaining dates for the Way Out West Tour and mark your calendar. Additionally, do yourself a favour and make it early enough to immerse in the talent of Ella Hooper. She is an act you wouldn’t want to miss.

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