Grinspoon on stage at Enmore Theatre, Sydney. 17/11/23 [IMAGE: Chris Neave]

GIG REVIEW: Grinspoon’s ‘Easy Detention’ Tour Captivates Enmore

After what seemed like an eternity, Grinspoon hit the Enmore Theatre on Friday night as part of their Easy Detention tour. The anticipation was palpable, and the band did not disappoint. Despite showing signs of aging – a little greyer up top, with the notable exception of Phil Jamieson’s jet black mop – the band members were in top form, both visually and sonically.


A Setlist Spanning Nearly Three Decades

Grinspoon has a special place in the hearts of their fans, having consistently delivered rock hits since 1995. This concert was no different. The setlist was a carefully curated journey through their extensive career, ensuring that every fan, regardless of which era of Grinspoon they fell in love with, heard their favorite tracks.

Highlights: A Rock Odyssey Through Time

The band’s performance was a testament to their enduring talent and relevance in the rock scene. With tracks like “Lost Control,” “Chemical Heart,” and “Hard Act To Follow,” they showcased their ability to blend raw energy with poignant lyrics. “Just Ace” and “Champion” were among the many highlights, proving once again why Grinspoon remains one of Australia’s premier rock acts.

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Grinspoon: Still Rock Royalty

After a 21-song set, there was no doubt left in the minds of the audience: Grinspoon still reigns supreme in the rock genre. Their performance at the Enmore was not just a trip down memory lane; it was a powerful statement of their ongoing relevance and artistry.

Catch Them While You Can

For those who have the chance to see Grinspoon live on this tour, our advice is simple: do it. Their Easy Detention tour is more than a concert; it’s an experience, a celebration of rock music, and a showcase of one of Australia’s finest bands.

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