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Exclusive: Vance Joy Shares Unheard Versions Of His Classic Hits

By Cameron Adams

Vance Joy is one of Australia’s most successful singer/songwriters, with millions of fans all over the globe.

But in a LiSTNR exclusive, Vance has let us into his creative process to hear some of those classics before they were classics.

In Behind the Hits Vance opens up his iPhone and shares the original versions of hits Georgia, Clarity, Catalonia and of course Riptide.

You’ll hear his work-in-progress recordings, including different lyrics to Georgia and the mouth trumpet he’d replace with the real thing on Clarity.

And to mark the tenth anniversary of his breakthrough hit Riptide, Vance is sharing the earliest version of the song that made the ukulele cool again.

Riptide has been streamed two billion times and cost just $700 to record – in the podcast Vance details the fascinating story of the song’s creation and a late-night studio session that almost ended in disaster.

Vance also talks about the other famous musician involved in a prototype version of Georgia which was then called Tree of Life, and recording the vocals for Catalonia in a closet. 

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(skip to 6.30 to hear the original version of Riptide below, and skip to 19.44 to hear an early demo of Georgia)

Behind The Hits: Vance Joy

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