Ed Sheeran on stage at the 37th Annual Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.
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Ed Sheeran On The Sad Song Bringing Others Joy

Ed Sheeran has revealed the song he wrote for the late Michael Gudinski has taken on a new meaning.

Ed wrote Visiting Hours while in quarantine to attend Gudinski’s State Funeral in 2021. The song then appeared on his Equals album, with backing vocals from Kylie Minogue and Jimmy Barnes.

Visiting Hours is in the set for Ed’s Australian tour – he will perform at the MCG on the second anniversary of Gudinski’s passing.

However Ed told LiSTNR’s Essential Vinyl singing the song no longer reduces him to tears.

“Honestly, no, I find it odd that I don’t get sad. Now it’s out in the world it belongs to so many other people and it’s become important to other people and it’s less of a sad moment for me and it’s created this little community of people. If you go on the You Tube comments for Visiting Hours it’s just paragraphs and paragraphs of people’s stories and sharing their experiences of loss and grief. Grief is quite a solitary thing, I have found from speaking to fans this song is a way of letting people in.”

Ed Sheeran on his song, Visiting Hours.

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