Linkin Park, 2003 - Photo by James Minchin

Remembering Chester Bennington: A Tribute to Linkin Park’s Iconic Frontman

Today marks the solemn occasion of the sixth anniversary of the untimely passing of Linkin Park’s frontman, Chester Bennington. Though he left this world at the young age of 41, his profound impact on the world of music remains undeniable, touching the lives of millions around the globe. In commemoration of his memory, his bandmates have recently paid tribute with anniversary reissues of their timeless albums. This year, fans were particularly thrilled with an epic celebration of Linkin Park’s 2003 sophomore release, Meteora. The anniversary reissue curated by Mike Shinoda, another talented member of the band, showcases previously unheard tracks featuring Chester’s mesmerizing vocals, as well as capturing the band’s journey during the album’s creation and tour. Let us delve into the emotional story of Linkin Park and the Meteora 20 anniversary on Behind the Hits.


Meteora 20: A Tribute to Chester Bennington’s Musical Legacy

The album Meteora stands as one of Linkin Park’s most iconic works, propelling them to even greater heights of fame and success. In celebration of its 20th anniversary, the band decided to pay homage to their late frontman, Chester Bennington, by releasing a special reissue of the album. This anniversary edition holds an array of musical treasures that give fans a unique glimpse into the band’s creative process during that period.

How Linkin Park Put Chester Bennington Back In The Charts

Unearthing Lost Gems: Previously Unheard Tracks

Among the most captivating aspects of the Meteora 20 reissue are the three completely finished tracks featuring Chester’s vocals that had never been released before. Songs like “Lost” and “Fighting Myself” provide a poignant reminder of Chester’s immense vocal talent and the emotional depth he brought to every performance. The revelation of these hidden gems gives fans a renewed appreciation for the artistic brilliance he left behind.

A Journey Through Time: Live and Documentary Footage

The Meteora 20 reissue goes beyond the musical aspect by offering live and documentary footage that takes fans on a nostalgic journey. Witnessing the band’s creative process, the making of the album, and the moments from their exhilarating tour brings back cherished memories for both the band members and their devoted fans. This behind-the-scenes glimpse helps us understand the passion and dedication that fueled Linkin Park’s incredible success.

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Mike Shinoda’s Emotional Tribute to Chester

As one of Chester’s closest friends and bandmates, Mike Shinoda took on the emotional responsibility of curating the Meteora 20 reissue. In a candid interview with Behind the Hits, Mike shared his sentiments about listening to Chester’s vocals once more. The emotional impact of hearing his friend’s voice was profound, reminding everyone of the extraordinary talent Chester possessed. The years of relentless touring had undoubtedly taken a toll on Chester’s voice, yet the raw power captured in those recordings showcased a nuance and youthful energy that will forever resonate with fans.

Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, 2009.

TLDR: A Timeless Legacy Lives On

Six years may have passed since Chester Bennington’s untimely departure, but his legacy continues to thrive through the timeless music he created with Linkin Park. The Meteora 20 reissue serves as a powerful tribute, honoring Chester’s remarkable talent and the indelible mark he left on the world of music. As fans and fellow musicians reflect on his contributions to the industry, Chester’s voice echoes through the years, reminding us of his incomparable artistry and the emotional connections he forged with millions. Let us cherish the gift of his music, for it will forever serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come.

Listen to Behind the HitsLinkin Park Meteora 20, and immerse yourself in the timeless magic of this extraordinary band.

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