Taylor Hawkins playing the drums.

Behind the Hits: Remembering Taylor Hawkins

Saturday, March 25 marks one year since the shock death of Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins.

His band Foo Fighters had played a one-off Australian show just a few weeks before his passing stunned the world.

Taylor had only just turned 50 and the band had just started touring internationally again after the pandemic put travel on hold.

Dave Grohl & Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters putting on an incredible show in the pouring rain. GHMBA Stadium – Geelong, Victoria. 04/03/22 – This was Taylor’s final show in Australia.

The friendship between Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins was so strong Taylor left his job drumming for Alanis Morissette to join the Foo Fighters.

In the LiSTNR podcast Behind the Hits: Remembering Taylor Hawkins you’ll hear about how Dave was able to woo Taylor away from Alanis.

There’s interviews with Dave Grohl about Taylor, and tributes from artists including Pink, Ella Hooper and The Offspring.

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There’s also a look at the band’s incredible relationship with Australia, including stories about their epic three hour plus show in Sydney.

And you’ll hear Taylor’s final Australian interview, where he talked about how fortunate he was to have his job.

“We get overworked like anybody but then you always gotta go ‘it could be a million times worse’. It’s so ridiculous that even 2000 people would want to come see our band.”

Taylor Hawkins

Hear the full Taylor Hawkins tribute below:

Find out Dave Grohl’s affectionate term for Taylor Hawkins here!

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