Helping Hands, Wearing Bands: The Ausmusic T-Shirt Day Impact

What is Ausmusic T-Shirt Day?

Ausmusic T-Shirt Day is more than just a fun event; it’s an annual fundraiser organized by the esteemed music charity, Support Act. Held during Ausmusic Month, the day combines entertainment and philanthropy, celebrating the vibrant Aussie music scene while also raising funds for the indispensable music professionals who keep it alive.

The Countdown Begins: Ausmusic T-Shirt Day Nears

With November 30 just around the corner, Ausmusic T-Shirt Day beckons all Aussie music enthusiasts to come together in a nationwide chorus of support. It’s not just a day to don your favorite band tee; it’s a movement to uplift those who create the soundtrack to our lives.

Celebrate Your Heroes and Help a Mate

Ausmusic T-Shirt Day isn’t just about wearing any t-shirt; it’s a call to action for Australians to don their Ausmusic tees as a badge of honor. It symbolizes unity and support for the music community that has given us so much to cherish.

Amplify Your Impact

ARIA, Heaps Normal, Gildan Brands, and AAMI are still rallying the troops, matching donations to double the impact of your generosity. Every contribution, no matter how small, is a lifeline to those in the music industry facing hardships.

The Beat Goes On: Support Act’s Continuing Mission

Support Act’s work doesn’t end when the music stops. The funds raised on Ausmusic T-Shirt Day fuel a year-round mission to offer crisis relief and mental health support to the music industry’s cherished workers.

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Join the Crescendo: How to Get Involved Now

Whether you’re a music fan, artist, or industry professional, you can still set up a fundraising team, donate, or simply spread the word using #ausmusictshirtday. Let’s make this symphony of support resound across the nation!

How are the Funds Used?

The proceeds from the Ausmusic T-Shirt Day are channeled towards the crucial activities of Support Act. This includes assisting music workers during times of crisis, focusing on mental health and well-being programs, the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline, Mentally Healthy Workplaces Program, and dedicated First Nations support. Every donation contributes to the well-being of the music community.

A Message from Support Act’s CEO

Clive Miller, the CEO of Support Act, passionately remarked, “The music we cherish wouldn’t be the same without the tireless professionals behind the scenes. This Ausmusic T-Shirt Day, show them your appreciation by getting involved.”

Get Social for Ausmusic

Join the online buzz! Those participating are encouraged to share their Ausmusic T-Shirt love on various social media platforms using the hashtag #ausmusictshirtday and tagging the supporting brands.

For more details or to become a part of this year’s campaign, click here.

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