The Underdogs

LiSTNR Launches World First: A True Crime Podcast For Kids!

Kids’ podcasts just got a whole lot more fun, and mysterious, with LiSTNR’s UnTrue, a hilarious new (un)true crime fiction podcast series that’s both a fun mystery for kids AND a ‘true crime’ comedy for grown-ups, launching today with a pawsome new episode published each Wednesday!

The first paaaawzling season of UnTrue: The Underdogs – Catch a Cat Burglar is adapted from the children’s graphic novel ‘The Underdogs – Catch a Cat Burglar’ by Kate and Jol Temple and illustrated by Shiloh Gordon.

“UnTrue: The Underdogs – Catch a Cat Burglar” is the first in a brand new (un)true crime fiction podcast series for families. Based on the kid-friendly crimes of the pup-ular Australian junior fiction series ‘The Underdogs’, the series unpacks the baffling case of a cat burglar on the loose in Dogtown,” said co-author Jol Temple.

“LiSTNR have taken our graphic novel series and built an immersive world where families are right in the middle of Dogtown as the action unfolds. Untrue is pioneering the kids’ podcast genre in Australia using audio drama techniques and spatial sound design that provides families with an enhanced listening experience as they work together to solve the case.“

Over eight episodes, kids and parents will be drawn into the gripping and hilarious mystery, as investigated by true crime dogcaster, Trudie Poodle, and the second-best detective agency in Dogtown – The Underdogs. Each week Trudie and The Underdogs will sniff out clues (and butts) as they come closer and closer to unmasking the felonious feline behind Dogtown’s unsolved crimes. Listeners will love guessing who the Cat Burglar is, not to mention the rollicking puns and colourful characters.

Parents will recognise some of the voices in the cast, including The Chaser’s Chris Taylor who voices Detective Barkley and fellow Chaser Andrew Hansen who voices four characters, and Zehra Naqvi from the Octonauts who voices Dr Spots and Rita Ringus.

Lorna Clarkson, Head of LiSTNR Parenting and Kids’ Entertainment, said the new (un)true crime fiction podcast series is genre-defining and shows LiSTNR as the leader in children’s audio drama in Australia.

“Audio drama is the perfect screen-free family entertainment in the home or in the car. While there are true crime podcasts for adults and mystery podcasts for kids, this is the first ever (un)true crime podcast that the whole family can enjoy together.”

Listen to episode one here:

In other barking news and in an Australian first companion-game initiative, LiSTNR has re-created Dogtown within Roblox, the global platform that brings people together through play.

“We know kids love Roblox and thought it would be a new and exciting way for fans to explore Dogtown a little moreWith familiar locations and characters, players can help the Underdogs find gems hidden by the Cat Burglar and be awarded a virtual Underdogs badge themselves,” said Ewan Roxborough from the LiSTNR team who drove the initiative. “It is our first foray into Roblox and was tremendously fun to create, collaborating with the show’s writers, designers, voice actors and audio imagers to bring it to life.”

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