Hamish McLachlan talks about his daughter

The Devastating Moment That Changed Hamish McLachlan’s Life

Sports broadcaster Hamish McLachlan reveals the moment he was told his daughter had a life-threatening disease on the first episode of Dr Golly and The Experts.  

“Something Doesn’t Feel Right”

At just six months old McLachlan’s daughter Milla started having seizures. What McLachlan and his wife referred to as “twitches” turned out to be West Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy. McLachlan was told that Milla had a 10% chance of dying in the hospital, 80% chance of having brain damage for life, and just 10% chance of surviving unscathed. 

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Sitting down with paediatrician and host Dr Daniel Golshevsky (AKA Dr Golly) McLachlan shares his family’s incredible journey from the first devestating moments of discovering their daughter’s condition, to where she’s at today – defying all the odds.  

Listen to the full episode of Dr Golly and the Experts below.  

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