Easter Eggs and Audio Adventures: 8 Podcasts to Keep Your Kids Entertained This Easter

Charge your device and prepare to download, because these podcasts for kids are perfect Easter gift for car trips, camping, bedtimes, quiet times, giggle times and all in between! Here’s the ultimate eight for Easter 2023.

Busy Bodies

This award-winning podcast is hosted by the famed children’s entertainer and comedian, Mr Snotbottom, each episode focuses on a part of the human body. The new series is called Healthy Habits and is the perfect (and funny) way to engage kids.

The Fact Detectives

Meet two curious kids on a mission to find out all the cool facts about, well, EVERYTHING! In this award-winning podcast, hosts Anika and Esther take their very big questions to some very smart grown-ups who know lots of very interesting stuff.

Morning Kids

This daily five-minute podcast dips a toe into the world of news in an age-appropriate way.Created in partnership with Australian primary school teachers, Morning Kids is designed to give five-to seven-year-olds a safe listening space each weekday, whether in the car or around the breakfast table.

The Beanies

The award-winning LiSTNR podcasters and ABC Kids stars, The Beanies, bring a combination of joy, song and education wrapped up in glorious rainbow! Each week, Laura, Mim and Michael share a special new episode – it may be a fun and silly adventure, or a Show & Tell.

Outside The Lines

Hosted by some art-curious kids as they travel across the country to dive into the creative minds of some of Australia’s most inspiring artists. This podcast is produced with the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art’s Children’s Art Centre.

Dadtime Story Collection

Famous Dads and Uncles reading children’s books! From Andy Day reading Bush Magic; Scott Stuart reads his own work My Shadow is Purple, Waleed Aly, reads The Month That Makes the Year – a beautiful book about Ramadan

Bedtime Explorers

The multi award-winning podcast, renowned for helping children sleep, has been downloaded more than 23 million times and is loved by children and families all around the world. (PS, there’s more new episodes coming on April 5!)

Fun Fables

It’s the world’s favourite fairy tales, remixed for today’s little dreamers – a clever, funny and engaging re-imaging of the fables and tales we all grew up with! It’s a super fun distraction for parents too!!

Listen to some Easter themed episodes below:

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