Bec and soda talk to Swinger Liv aka Vista Wife

Exploring the Taboo: Bec & Soda Learn About Swinging With TikTok’s ‘Vista Wife’

From the upside-down pineapples to the countless naked people, Bec & Soda speak with self-proclaimed Swinging Ambassador & Educator, Liv.

Liv or ‘Vista Wife’ on Tiktok shares her passion to normalise the lifestyle and the ‘orgies, threesomes, foursomes and moresomes’ she experiences with husband Gage.

What is it like to be a swinger?

Soda asked about how Liv’s journey began for her and Gage, with Liv explaining the chat happened over ‘pillow talk’.

“I think I might be bi-curious, I’d really like to experiment,” Liv said.

The experimentation turned into reality, with Liv and Gage spending more time in the ‘lifestyle’ swapping partners with other couples, on solo dates and at wild sex parties.

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Bec & Soda, curious on the topic of jealousy asked how the couple cope seeing each other with other people.

“It’s just talking about it all the time really,” Liv said.

“Just honest open communication all the time.”

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