Stormy Daniels Breaks Silence For The First Time Since Trump’s Guilty Verdict

Stormy Daniels has made global headlines following the hush-money scandal with former US president Donald Trump. Daniels joined Fifi, Fev & Nick in her first radio interview since the trial.


“When those charges started coming down, I can’t even begin to tell you the emotions that I’ve felt… I just wanted to hear the words – DONALD. TRUMP. GUILTY.”

“Today is unfair. He is found guilty. He is a convicted felon of multiple accounts. He’s been found liable for sexual assault on E. Jean Carroll, and he gets millions of dollars. And I still him attorney’s fees of $600,000. How is that fair?”

“You say that I reminded you of your daughter that night, is this how you want her to be treated? Do you not want to be an example to your children to speak the truth? Do the right thing. Leave my family alone.”

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