stormy daniels smiling donald trump and fifi box shocked

Stormy Daniels Tells Fifi Box What Donald Trump Looks Like In Bed

In a radio exclusive interview with Stormy Daniels, Fifi, Fev and Nick have spoken to the adult film star off the back of former US President Donald Trump‘s guilty verdict in his hush money trial… with the guys asking her all the big questions… including what he looks like uh, “downstairs”.

Stormy has now revealed the details of her one night encounter with Trump, where she was when she heard his guilty verdict and a WHOLE lot more!

“Around charge 15 or 16 I just completed melted down, and people who know me know I don’t cry that often” Stormy revealed when detailing where she was when she heard Trump’s recent guilty verdict. “I have been called every name in the book… but you know one name they can’t call me that I can call him? Convicted!”

In an historic legal finding, after two days of deliberations, all twelve jurors decided Trump was guilty of charges relating to falsifying business documents during his 2016 US Election campaign. The prosecution had alleged that Donald Trump had covered up payments to Stormy in the run-up to the 2016 US Election.

Stormy is now a successful stand up comedian, she is shooting her own movie and hopes to visit Australia in the coming months. She revealed to Fifi, Fev and Nick that she also promises she will swap out some of her favourite descriptive words and use the term ‘doodle’ thanks to Fev, instead.

When it comes to Trump, each of the 34 crimes has a maximum punishment of four years in prison. However, it is not considered likely that he will serve time. More likely is that he will be hitting the election campaign trail wearing an electronic ankle bracelet.

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