Dan Gaut Shares His Journey To Get His Baby Back

Stav, Abby & Matt caught up with Aussie Dan Gaut who revealed he fell in love with an American while travelling the around the USA.

She came back to Australia with him and fell pregnant but chose to go back home after 6 weeks because she was feeling homesick and has decided to go back to her ex.

Even though Dan’s ex wanted to put the baby up for adoption, Dan was adamant about bringing her back to Australia to live with him. Stav, Abby & Matt spoke with Dan about the process of getting his daughter to Australia and how he’s feeling about the whole situation.

Hear the full chat below…

Dan Gaut Shares His Journey To Get His Baby Back

“It was incredible really, I was a little bit awkward, a little bit unsure how I’d feel coming back here but as soon as I saw her all of that just dissolved, it was just magic, I didn’t feel any other emotion than love for her…” Dan revealed upon meeting baby Ana.

You can donate to Dan’s fundraiser to bring Ana home here.

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