Albo Gets His Aniseed Snakes “That’s The Best Lolly Ever Made”

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese joined Stav, Abby & Matt in-studio as he is in Brisbane to attend the Women’s FIFA World Cup last night. Last time Albo was in-studio, he helped decide which flavour our Allen’s Brown Snake should be – he tasted Cola, Chocolate, and Coffee but said his ultimate pick would be aniseed (even though that wasn’t an option).

Our friends at Allen’s heard this and made him a special bag of Aniseed Snakes which we awarded him on-air – after a taste test, he said that Allen’s should definitely make them.

“Allen’s get on board make them – mass produce.
This is a winner, it’s a black cat… that’s the best lolly ever made!”

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There was also another present for Albo, when he was in-studio last, Abby’s phone went off and it’s a show rule that if that happens on-air you need to buy everyone in the studio a case of beer. After declaring that Balter was a “good Queensland beer” and not “XXXX” Abby made good on her deal and gave him a case of Balter.

Listen to Albos reaction here: 

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