Pete Curulli refuses to wrestle Mad Mikey Nicholls

Standing Firm: Pete’s Adamant He Won’t Step In The Ring To Confront “Bully” Wrestler

It’s been going on for a bit now, and thanks to Pete’s childhood mate Brad, we’re once again asking the question.

Will Pete step in the ring to confront Mad Mikey Nicholls?

Well, Pete went at lengths to suggest that it ain’t happening. Sorry Mad Mikey.


It did end with Pete suggesting that he might jump in the ring “for fitness reasons”, but Kymba was quick to make sure Pete knew that…

“Of course you can go and do, as part of your fitness and enjoyment and whatever, but you don’t have to get in a ring with this peanut.”

Strong words 😳

If you missed what happened last week, here it is.


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