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Shondell Fought For Her $50,000 On Alphabucks And WON!

Number 13 turns out to be lucky after all as Shondell from Elizabeth East becomes SAFM’s $50K Alphabucks winner!

Playing with SAFM Adelaide’s breakfast hosts Bec & Soda, Shondell was among 48 other Adelaide listeners who were vying for the $50,000 today.


It was a tough game for Shondell who had the letter “S” and her answers had to go to a team of SAFM adjudicators on the answer “spaghetti squash”.

It was ruled that spaghetti squash was indeed a vegetable starting with ‘S’. This meant that Shondell, the Elizabeth East mother of two became SAFM’s $50K Alphabucks winner.

Bec & Soda were thrilled the money went to such a worthy winner with Soda asking what the $50,000 would mean for her.

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“My dad has recently become an amputee, he’s lost his sight pretty much in both eyes,” Shondell said.

“Mum has been the rock for him since that’s all happened, it means a lot…I have never been able to help mum and dad at all.”

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Shondell revealed it was her two little girls Ruby, 8, and Anya 12 who have been helping mum to practice at home. Even crediting her daughter’s love for the vegetable spaghetti squash as what won her the cash prize. 

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