Secrets Of The Suburbs: Shut Out Of The Family For Asking For Truth About Grandpa’s Death

ANONYMOUS wants to know the truth about their grandpa’s death, but when they started asking questions, the family shut her out!

On Bec & Soda’s Secrets Of The Suburbs, Anonymous’s quest to learn about their heritage has turned into family drama. Why would the family not want to talk about it? What could they be hiding?


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“Three years ago I went on ancestry to find out about my own heritage and discovered he didn’t die in South Australia,” Anonymous said.

“My Grandma rang and had a go at me to stop snooping.”

Do you have a secret you’d like to share?

1.3 million people live in Adelaide, each harbouring at least one untold secret—are you tempted to share yours for the chance to win $5,000?

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