Zoe's deluxe drop off in a Zagame luxury McLaren

Rev-Head Zoe’s Deluxe Drop Off In A $500,000 McLaren

Bec & Soda are proud to spread the joy today to 11 year old Zoe who has a unique blood disease and despite these challenges, Zoe remains bright and determined.

We give Zoe a Deluxe Drop-Off in a McLaren and find out more about her story.

Learn more about Zoe’s story:

The bright and bubbly Zoe explained what is essentially an allergic reaction to the sun which causes pain, swelling and blistering.

“When I’m in the sun too long I get a reaction,” Zoe said.

“And I get all puffy, I get red spots on my hands and my feet.”

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To give Zoe a positive experience despite the health challenges is a part of the theme for SAFM’s Deluxe Drop Offs this week.

Find out how you can send your child to school in a Zagame luxury car by heading to

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