One Last Hurrah: Matt Dyktynski's Final Song Dedicated To Our Mix Fam

One Last Hurrah: Matt’s Final Song For The Mix Fam

It’s been an emotional week to say the least, that culminated today in Matt Dyktynski’s final show with Pete, Matt and Kymba.

We knew he had one final song in him, and he didn’t disappoint. So much so that our phones went into meltdown, for us to play it again. If you missed it, here it is, to Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive.


Here are the lyrics.

For years I had to wake up at 4am
Kept thinking, I might never get a nice sleep in again
And so I spent so many nights, going to bed before the sun
To get up before the birds awoke, to head to the station

Put the coffee on, it helps me think
I must come up with something good to say,
After this song by P!nk
I’ve scrolled through PerthNow, now I know
What it is I need to know
Let’s turn on all the mics
And start Pete, Matt and Kymba’s show

For one last time, here comes the sun
Let’s see if there is something happening,
With old Tash Peterson
Check in with Bernie D
There’s been a prang on Alexander Drive
For eight years, that’s what I’ve done
On 94.5

And now it’s time, to say goodbye
Yeah, at 9am this morning, Matt Dyktynski gonna fly
Thanks to all the lovely listeners
There at 94.5
Kept me inspired
No, I’m not retired

Go on, now go, walk out the door
Hand back my security doovalacky
And the work computer
Make sure I clear all my Internet searching history
Don’t want anybody knowing I was searching for Pete’s feet