“Frustrated & Helpless”: Pete Curulli Breaks Down Over Perth’s Housing Market Situation

It’s no secret that it’s a bloody tough grind if you’re in the market for a new house in Perth at the moment. Pete Curulli has been “on the hunt” for the best part of this year and this morning, it all became too much.

Pete broke down as he referenced how “frustrated and helpless” he and his family have become, after losing another prized house by $100K.


The pain is all too real.

“We’re frustrated and we’re helpless,

“The reality is, it’s now becoming a really painful light,

“You rock up to a home open flooded with people and you throw everything you can at it, and it’s never enough,

“I’m absolutely scared I did the wrong thing, risking what we had, which was fine, for go for something better, because with every week that rolls by it feels like everything we do it not good enough.”