Lizzie and Dylan react to their wedding cake being selected bt Perth

Bride Lizzie REALLY Wanted The Freddo Cake, But You Had Other Ideas #Perth!

Perth. You’re helping us to build a wedding for local couple Dylan and Lizzie, and so far, you’re proving to be very, very nice about it.

Already, you have voted for The Vines to be the wedding venue for the wedding, and this morning, we revealed that a stunning 3-tiered wedding cake is going to be the centrepiece for the big day.

Not the stacked Woolies mud cake or the one that everyone was gunning for, the Freddo ice-cream cake.

This morning – we revealed the results to Dylan and Lizzie.


Lizzie: “Noooooooooooo…”

Dylan: “Nah, that’s good, that’s good. I voted for the Freddo cake as well, but I got the guilts. I saw the lovely lady who was going to do the wedding cake, small business and all of that, I thought it would be nice to see her get up and get it, so I think that’s great.”

Lizzie: “Dylan actually isn’t being honest, he’s just stoked that the wedding cake, we can store it in our chest freezaer for months.”

You can continue to vote for the wedding that Perth built over at our Instagram page. Here’s how the vote for this particular round went down.

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